What type of guitar is best for you?

If you say “I want a guitar,” then the next question is often “acoustic or electric?” Granted you can combine the two, but for most beginner guitarists, they’ll have to pick one of the other for their first guitar. Some people look to experts like the turner model 1 guitar, but this author says the most important consideration is the music.

In order to pick out a great guitar, you need to think about the type of musician that you want to be. If you want to perform country songs, covers, or sing while strumming chords then you might do well with an acoustic guitar, as it is designed for people who like to strum and fingerpick out melodies and chords. It’s also slightly easier to learn that the electric guitar because you aren’t messing around with amps and power.

The electric guitar is inherently louder and made more for doing epic riffs and solos, perfect for any rock music enthusiast and someone who loves to be the center of attention. Having everyone’s eyes turn to you when you start going up and down the guitar’s neck is a sight to behold. It’s slightly more complicated to learn, especially if you want to start doing some epic solos, but it does have its merits.

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If you find yourself unable to decide between the two guitars, then getting an acoustic-electric hybrid can give you the best of both worlds. It’s an acoustic guitar that has a place where an amp can be plugged in, giving you access to some louder sounds and better volume, perfect if you are playing in a larger area.

No matter your choice, as long as you like the music that is played on it, then you will do just fine.