How to Choose a Throwing Knife

Many people collect knives. Many people also enjoy a fun, exciting hobby known simply as knife throwing. It takes some pretty phenomenal skills to master the art of knife throwing, which keeps both the participants and the audience on their toes. If this is a hobby that sounds like the fun that’s been missing out of your life, it’s time to buy a throwing knife. But, do not rush out and buy the first knife that you find. A bit of research goes a long way when you want and need the best knife your money can buy.

How to Choose a Great Throwing Knife

When browsing through the many different stainless steel throwing knives, you will find many that appeal to the eye. And while it is important to choose a knife that is appealing, you shouldn’t stop there. A good knife is one that will make the sport far more exciting. Plus, it will last longer and deliver the quality that you want and need. Some of the most important qualities to look for when buying a throwing knife:

·    Sharp tipped point

·    12″ minimum blade length

·    10 oz. – 12 oz. total weight

·    No fancy grips or handles

·    Dull edges

·    Rounded corners

·    Thick knife blade

If you are an experienced knife thrower, you can take your pick of most any knife available. However, if you are a beginner, its best to spend a bit more time sorting through the knife options before purchase. Choosing a basic knife usually provides the best results for beginners until they’re better accommodated with their hobby and this art.

Where to Buy a Throwing Knife

stainless steel throwing knives

Throwing knives can be bought online and at knife stores in your local area. Browse the selection available to you at both locations to find the best styles that accommodate your needs and budget.